Monday, May 21, 2007

Czech it out!

They keep asking: "Have you had it yet?" or "So, have you been down to Tabor yet?"
Over and over, same thing. The inquisitioners, Monique and The Handsome One from Castagna Restaurant here in PDX have been on my ass, so today at lunch I was popping through downtown and was a block away from the Tabor food cart (left) in that oasis of mobil food purveyors between SW Oak and SW Stark on 5th Avenue. I was very first Schnitzelwich from this purveyor of all things Czechish. It was, as they say in Prague, "Lahodny!" I'll just say delicious.
A breaded & fried pork cutlet (they also have chicken for the timid) on a perfectly chewy ciabatta roll, slathered with paprika spread, grilled onions, horseradish, & crisp, fresh lettuce. At six bucks, this was a bellyful and I loved it! They also have a cartload of other Czech dila that I'm already making plans to try.


Cracker said...

Quite right! The Tabor Snitz is the closest(Da Shiznitzle?) I've had outside of King Solomon(oh.. the roast duck!!) in the Josefov. Although it has become a tourist trap of late.

bb said...

I will travel far for good roast duck. Talk about something that is rarely done well. Where is this duck you speak of?
With the schnitz, it's all about three words: pork...breaded...fried!

Cracker said...

It will require a ticket to Prague and a taxi ride to the Jewish Quarter. Godspeed on a ducky trip. The King Solomon restaurant is of the Ashkenazi persuasion. A bit spendy but well worth it. Shalom.

bb said...

Like I said, a good duck is worth the trip....but damn, why does it have to be so far!
Go in peace , too!

Cracker said...

Easy. Just purchase a bottle of the local "Green Fairy" for the return flight. You've essentially cut your trip in half.

Anonymous said...

I had the goose cholent in 2008, and have not been satisfied in that way since.

bb said... are talking gastronomically satisfied, I hope??