Sunday, May 27, 2007

Walk on the Wild Side

It seemed so harmless in the planning stage. A nice hike on a cool Sunday afternoon in late May in the scenic Columbia Gorge. Sure, I'd heard Dog Mountain was somewhat of a toughie, and maybe w had mentioned the 3000' elevation gain in 3 miles. What do I know about 3000'....just another stroll in the bosom of Mother Nature, right?

On the way, masking the pain!

Wow, what I came to find out was that 'ol Ma Nature is a tough old bitch, and this was an ass-kicker of a hike. And that's before the 40+ mile an hour winds that made this seem more November than May up top. But I've gotta say the views were spectacular, the spring flowers cloaking the hillsides were astonishingly beautiful, and if you can get up there in the next couple of weeks while the flowers are in bloom, you're in for a huge treat. Plenty of water, a couple of sandos, some energy bars, and you'll be set. Besides, it'll only hurt for a little while!

The payoff on top, and SO worth!

Plus, there's always cool refreshment at Walking Man Brewpub in Stevenson or Edgefield in Troutdale on the way home!


Cracker said...

I'm using that photo with the pretty view (not the one with you!) as my desktop background saver thingy. Nice photo. It just bumped my dog off for the time being. Until the guilt gets the better of me.

bb said...

I can't blame your choice on which pic. Tell the dog you'll take him there sometime!

kab said...

You do look a little (dog) tired in that first photo...but glad you (doggedly) pursued your goal!