Sunday, May 06, 2007

Last Supper...Last Thoughts

After this two weeks of sampling the best of regional Italian and French cuisine, what else are we going to do on our last night in Paris but go to what is regarded as the best cuisine of it’s kind in the city. Yes, for our last culinary fling, we went to La Coloniale (161 Rue de Picpus, 12th Arr.), which is said to make Cambodian food like no other place. Cambodian food, you ask? Hey, after eating too rich food and adding to the body counts of I don’t know how many fattened geese these past few days, we needed a change. w picked this wonderful little spot. Unfortunately, the lighting was a bit dim and in this tiny restaurant, I didn’t want to use the flash, but rest assured this is worth putting on your itinerary.

It’s like walking into your somewhat eccentric aunt’s tchotzke filled home, and I immediately was charmed. Here’s a peek....

The dining room of La Coloniale

The madam who own this place runs around the tiny main room, singing along with whatever happens to laying on her sound system, to no one in particular. I thought it was charming, while w did a bit of eye rolling . It has the while feeling of a place that is a bit out of tune with the times, but somehow manages to put out quite satisfying food at very reasonable prices. We had a starter of a deep fried chicken beignet, which was extremely delicious, striped of chicken breast laid atop a slice of baguette, lightly breaded and deep fried, and served with a dipping sauce. We both loved it! Also a plate of mild sliced sausages with a spicy dipping sauce that worked very well. For main courses, w had one of their whole fish selections, I had a classic Cambodian pork creation, and we shared a bowl of pho-like soup that was excellent.

A most fun night, and for us the fitting and satisfying end to our fabulous 13 days of eating!

Waking up this morning to pack and get ready to leave, we are both more than ready for our Portland home and the comforts therein...our own familiar bed, cooking at home which I am really missing, the farmer’s markets which will be in full swing, and most of all Chopper, who’s furry presence has been much missed. It has been a great trip, one of the best ever. The sights, the food, the people. It makes me appreciate so many things, especially the abundance we enjoy in the NW and most of all that I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to have these experiences....I’m constantly amazed and thankful.

Au revoir!

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