Tuesday, May 29, 2007


In case you were wondering, our Dog Mountain trek did not go unrewarded last Sunday. Being a firm believer in the reward system, especially when I am the recipient of said reward, we had planned a post-death march stop at Om Seafood here in PDX.

Long Life Noodles

Unlike where you and yours may live, especially you NYC and SF eaters, it is really hard to get good, really good, Chinese food here in Portland (in fact, if you have fave spots where you live, let others know by leaving a comment!). But the last time the Chan family was here, w's dad Boris gave Om a hard won thumbs up, which coming from him is kind of like three stars from the NYT's Bruni. In any event, by the time we got there we were both famished, and I was ready to eat the menu....not the paper but everything on it! Of course, when I saw there were 181 different menu options, I did think better of that plan. Not that we brought shame to ourselves in the quantity deaprtment. So with a skeptical "You think you're going to eat all that?" look from our waitress, we jumped into the fray.

Assorted Seafood and Tofu in Hot Clay Pot

Steamed Striped Bass

We started with a bowl of Crab Meat w/ Fish Maw Soup (#9), followed quickly (which is one of the joys of coming to a place like this really hungry. The food comes flying!) by w's new obsession Long Life Noodles (#170), the Assorted Seafood and Tofu in Hot Clay Pot (#84), and the Steamed Striped Bass (#37). Everything was nicely done. The fish was perfectly cooked, the noodles had nice flavor and chew, and the hot pot was excellent. This fed our post-hike hunger like nothing else, and we made our way through almost everything (just enough for leftover lunch yesterday!). Oh, and all this deliciousness, with two Heine's and tip included came in at a ridiculous $52. Crazy!

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