Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Paris pt.2...To market, to market.....

A sunny, wondrous spring morning. In Paris. On my birthday! Is there anything better?? We woke up lazily after last night’s indulgences, had some tea in the room, but I was anxious to get out on the street. We headed down to the Place d’Aligre market, one of my favorites in the city, stopping for the obligatory caffé noir along the way. Being a national holiday here (apparently they knew it was my birthday), a lot of places were closed, but the market was bustling, a riot of color and smells. Tragically my favorite oyster vendor took the day off, so no briny deliciousness for breakfast. Perhaps tomorrow. We did grab some truffled chevre cheese to eat later and some wonderful sweet treats from a fabulous boulangerie, so all was not lost.

Here’s a couple quick shots to give some flavor. Back with more later!

Fraises des bois, piled a foot high! Where's the whipped cream??

To those who have been sending email, I've gotten them, but for some reason the lovely people at Qwest won't let me connect to their outgoing email server to reply. To my sis...thanks for te iwshes, love you too!h To DOR, w was much heartened by the pic, glad the lad is comfy!

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