Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Off topic, but we're talking martinis here!

Even though we're on vacation, it doesn't mean I'm not keeping tabs on what's happening stateside. As I was finishing the last post, I went over to the New York Times website to check out the Dining section, and lo and behold an article on one of my favorite topics when I'm not gorging myself on wine and foie gras in France, martinis, specifically, gin martinis (as if there could be any other kind).

Worth a read for all you gin/martini/drinking fans (and if you can stand to read this blog regularly, you've gotta fit into at least one of those categories!). My two favorite quotes, which I couldn't agree with more:

"It’s come to my attention that some people believe martinis are made with vodka. I hate to get snobbish about it, but a martini should be made with gin or it’s not a martini. Call it a vodkatini if you must, but not a martini. Gin and vodka have as much in common hierarchically as a president and a vice president."

"Indeed, gin is more of a thinking person’s spirit."

Truer words were never spoken.

And once again, if you haven't registered to read the NYT online, you are missing out. The best paper in America, for free. All you have to do is register, no spam comes your way, no annoying offers, the best food section anywhere every Wednesday, and just plain great articles like the one above!

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