Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back on track!

A great lunch was had by w and I today as we shrugged off the memories of yesterday’s dining disappointments and forged ahead with newfound resolve. How could we go wrong with today’s lunch at Le Comptoir, one of the restaurants of the moment in Paris, run by superstar chef Yves Camdeborde, considered the godfather of the new Paris bistros who are shaking off the culinary cobwebs of the past several decades and reinvigorating the Parisian food scene with fresh life. Based on what we had this early afternoon, all accolades are very much deserved.

Located just off Boulevard St. Germain on the left bank, we were immediately able, a bit to our surprise, to be seated at an outdoor table. It was yet another stunningly beautiful afternoon, the perfect time to be sidewalked in Paris. The tables are elbow to elbow as they are at most sidewalk cafés here, but still workable. Ur waitress was marginally welcoming, but with the food we exeprienced, that one small bug in the ointment was easily overlooked. So, a starter of an amazing croque monsieur, made with smoked salmon, some king of crazily good soft cheese, with little pellets of caviar inside, was sensational. So satisfying on the palate, perefctly toasted. REALLY good! As was my daily piece of foie gras, this one with a pear confit that went superbly with the inrense duckiness. Here’s a look....
Our plats, for me a delicious lamb confit that was fork tender, incredibly flavorful, on a strikingly green bed of perfectly tender snow peas. Beautiful to look at and to eat. w had the braised beef that was as savory, tender, and as good as a classic dish like this could get. And to finish, w had been craving crème who doesn’t...and Le Comptoir’s coffee crème brulee was silky, sensual goodness that slid easily across the!
My lamb and w's braised beef that rocked our palates today!

So like I said, the world here is back in order as it should be. I just wonder what’s for dinner?

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