Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seattle sojourn, part 2

I love the road trip for mnay reasons. I always feel somewhat like Jorge el Curioso above. It is always an adventure. Especially when I know there is good eating and drinking to be had. This trip to Seattle satisfied two of the best reasons. The first was that it was our first long-ish trip in w's new Mini Cooper. Two words to describe bopping around in that car: freaking awesome! One of the most enjoyable "motoring" experiences I've had in a long time. The second, more constant reason I love the road trip is this:
Where I go, so goes my beloved travel bar. I love this vintage travel bar I bought years ago on eBay, and every time I pull it out and stock it with the needed adult diversions, there's a sense of anticipation. Not just for the cocktails ahead, but because it means I'm going someplace. Plus, while getting dressed for dinner at Crow, what's more civilized than a freshly shaken Tanqueray martini in the room? Especially with a skewer of three of these amazingly perfect lemon stuffed olives from the most awesome Spanish Table store (where you can pick up the above copy of Jorge el Curioso)! These olives have immediately made the chart of cocktail must haves, perhaps second only to the crack olives in the martini olive hierarchy.

Another new stop for us was Sunday lunch at Café Presse, opened not to long ago by the people who own that little piece of Francophilia in Seattle, Le Pichet. I have to say I totally loved it. One of those places that would be just at home in France, this bistro has it all. A perfect cappuccino to start me off, hipsters and the old guard hanging at the counter and the scattered tables. Parents with children enjoying a brilliantly sunny Sunday out. Plus food that was nothing but delicious. We had a wonderful apple salad with grilled sardines and a toasted walnut salad with blue cheese. Then to keep the happiness going w had the Croque Monsieur while I had the Croque Madame (in the pic with the egg on top), kind of breakfast for lunch. Oh, and of course a side of salty Pommes Frites. I would die to have a place like this in Portland, just in case anyone is paying attention! The place was jammed, with people waiting for seats the whole time. It is exactly the kind of reasonably priced meal out with that French flavor that everyone loves. Incredible spot. If I can't be in Paris, I want to be here!
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kab said...

Hmmm...lemon-stuffed olives competing for my affection for my beloved crack olives? Is it too much olive-y goodness? Argh!

Sounds like a great trip. Can't wait to go!

bb said...

I know...quite shocking that they are on that level. w even liked them better! I'll share some with ya next cocktail visit!!

Anonymous said...

Wondering if you have ever been to Harvest Vine in Seattle? It is a favorite of mine for Tapas if you are into it.


bb said...

Lika...I haven't, although a friend who owns a restaurant here said he has been there a couple of times and was really impressed. I definitely have it on my list for the next trip. Thanks for the comment/tip!