Friday, January 30, 2009

Let the (House) Spirits move you!

As in the latest craft distillated liquid lusciousness from those merry mixologists at Portland's own House Spirits (I guess I could've added yet one more reason to yesterday's post about why it is so amazing to live here). Having conquered bars across the country with their herbal Aviation Gin and smoothly satisfying Medoyeff Vodka, owners and honchos of happiness Christian Krogstad and Lee Medoff have just released their latest, an incredibly delicious Oregon Ouzo. If what you remember (or don't remember according to your blackout potential) about ouzo are some horrendous experiences with some astringent cheap swill from Greece (and believe me the stuff you drink in Greece is nothing like what gets foisted on American palates), then get ready to have your paradign shifted with perhaps your next favorite after-dinner tipple. I just tried it yesterday when my pal Kevin brought over to the wine shack a bottle he had given to him. First off I LOVED its apothecary look, just what I would want prescribed to me to cure what ills me. Even the governement warning on the label seems to add to its medicinal cred. We each had a little taste to toast the end of our respective days serving the public, and I was immediately smitten. Yes it has the requisite anise aroma and flavor which you either love or hate, but it isn't overpowering, and it also has a rich, slightly honeyed flavor and that star anise in the background that adds to the complexity. For around $20, this is the real deal, and will add to the healthy appearance of your home bar!
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peter said...

I do not love ouzo, but I would totally try that. The label is great. We have a local distillery here in the Hudson Valley doing similar high-end small-batch work. It's a treat.

I just put up a post that you might enjoy...

bb said...

Peter...LOVED the post. just mentioned it on my blog.

This may be the ouzo that changes many a mind....and palate. The micro-distillery revolution is going to be the best thing that happens to the liquor industry for those of us who actually drink because we care about flavor more than effect.