Thursday, January 01, 2009

The new group dining credo: Eat well, pay less!

Have a rather large group you need to get together with, but don't want to cook and would rather go out? Oh, and hopefully not spend a lot but still eat well? Not as hard as you would think as the pictures below will attest. May I suggest heading east. Far east. China east. That's what we did in Houston with w's parents, her sis and bro-in-law, uncle, aunt, and cousin at Lucky Dragon 2....or was it 3? Doesn't matter, because the Chinese banquet at this place, and possibly a place near you, was pretty freaking satisfying. At about ten or twelve bucks a head.....for maybe ten courses!! How satisfying? This satisfying......
Pekin Duck. Take one of those steamed bun-ish things, slather a little hoisin sauce and a few pieces of onion inside with some ducky bits. Voila! Duck sando supreme!
Steamed clams in a soy-hoisin sauce. Fabulous!
Stir fried beef with gai lan. I loved this!
Crispy fried pepper shrimp. Eat 'em head and all, no peeling required!
Lobster too!! Did I mention this was about ten bucks a person?!
Steamed bass. The craziness continues.....
"Birds nest" with stir fried scallops, shrimp, veggies. Plus there was noodles, two different soups, rice. It was incredible. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. C!
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kab said...

Ack! This looks too good to be believed...especially for that price! Let us know when you're ready for more and we'll be there.