Monday, January 12, 2009

Peruvian pleasure at Andina

As much as we get into eating and drinking, if we can do both for less it is even sweeter. Hence our fascination with happy hours around town. At dinner the other night our enabling friends D&K were mentioning the HH at Andina, PDX's bastion of Peruvian cuisine, where not only are all the fabulously fresh house cocktails just $5 every day from 4-6, but certain apps are also to be had on the cheap. We hit it this past Sunday. I hadn't hung out in the Andina bar much, but I have to say it is really cool. Great lighting, comfy bar stools, very friendly and more importantly competent bartenders, plus some of the best happy hour grub in town. Here's what we got ourselves into.....
Of course we have to start with the national drink of Peru,
a couple of perfectly foamy Pisco Sours
Incredibly delicious Anticucho de Pulpo, skewered and grilled octopus, perfectly cooked, with perhaps the most kick ass mashers ever, which are potatoes smushed up with olives, garlic, parsley, and olive oil. Freakish!!
Oysters on the half shell for a buck each? Can you say "Hell yeah"??!
This was one of their Causas, which the menu describes as "a traditional preparation of fresh lime-flavored potato mixture pressed into a cake with assorted fillings, served with avocado." Your reporter will simply describe it as "one of the best fucking things I've ever put into my mouth!!" They do three different versions. We had the Mixta Nikkei, which was crispy shrimp on top of spicy raw tuna, which was on top of fresh crab salad which was stuffed inside of the I really need to say any more? SERIOUS swoon here.
Not on the happy hour menu, but so damn worth every freaking penny!
Normally I wouldn't get too geeked over Hemingway's favorite drink, but this was their Daiquiri Natural, which is what all others should aspire to be. Although I have to say my home version rocks it pretty hard, too!

w also had their Ron-Yki-On cocktail which she loved and was made with roasted ginger infused
silver rum with fresh citrus juice. I'll also be back soon for not only more pulpo and potatoes, but their gin-based Tortuga cocktail, which I somehow overlooked. There is so much good to be had here at such a great price, you can't afford not to get your Happy Hour groove on here!
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josh? said...

Weird how that works out, just had tapas here tonight and HH a week ago.

bb said...

j....hope you liked it as much as we did. look forward to seeing you guys soon. And when are you starting your food blog, dude??!