Saturday, January 03, 2009

Is free really worth it? A definite maybe.

The sadness, or expense, or saving grace, of living in a liquor controlled state like Oregon. The NYT online reports that a website called lists bars that are serving free drinks in New York City. According to the story, "The site also has listings for five other cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and Honolulu)". Are times really so hard you would want to drink with a 23-year-old who is quoted at a Drambuie giveaway as saying Normally I could not afford this fine liqueur,” she said, taking a sip of a Drambuie fizz." Fine liqueur? Drambuie fizz?? Frat boys and toilet huggers rejoice! The question remains: Is free Drambuie better than none at all? As an experienced liver just reported to me, the answer is defintely the latter!


Mo said...

Oh, Bruce, tsk, tsk! I had to read your entry several times before truly believing you would denigrate such a fine distillate as Drambuie. Perhaps you've had a bad experience, in which case you might be forgiven for such bibulous blasphemy, but hell, who hasn't? Sure it's a tad sweet, but ever had a Rusty Nail on a damp winter's eve? Smoky and unctuous, this will warm the cockles of your heart. If it doesn't, you might want to check your pulse!

bb said...

Mo....Next time I'm out, I'll do the Rusty Nail. I do try and maintain a semi-open mind when it comes to all things liqurious!

Mo said...

You won't regret it (I hope). Though you might want to make sure they have a well scotch. Otherwise it turns into a $14 cocktail... ;) Hope to see you on any given Friday in February (I'm on a 30 day teetotal stint, and already regretting it!). I hear the '07 southern Rhones are very nice (if you believe Jancis Robinson, that is). Any chance you're tasting these in the foreseeable future (or perhaps I have missed the boat)?