Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Hero!

If you saw my taco post a couple of weeks ago, you know about my quality of life improvements in the form of the food carts that have opened across the street from the wine shack here in PDX. What more could an ever hungry boy want: Delicious, affordable food right outside my door! Well, I just want you to know that as of today my cart lust has reached new heights, as the King of the 'Hood Carts, Kevin Sandri, creator of all things edible and awesome in his Garden State cart (corner of SE 13th Ave. & SE Lexington St.), has just unveiled the new object of my affection, a fucking incredible Meatball Hero sandwich that is nothing less than sensationally satisfying. I just finished my first one, and I already can't wait to have my next. Is it tomorrow yet?? Meatballs made from scratch with Cascade natural beef, a rich, savory homemade marinara, melted mozzarella all tucked into a perfectly toothsome french roll. Freakish!!

Kevin handing out the goods with his lovely wife Shannon.

Almost everything that comes out of Kevin's cart is supplied by local growers, and whenever possible organically produced. His food is rocking...soups, chicken, arancini, sausage sandwiches, some new and crazily addictive chickpea fries (more on those some other day!)...and this cat is a seriously talented chef. And now for a mere five bucks you can have the best meatball sando I've ever had. Kevin's a Jersey boy, so you know it better be good, and it kills!

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TSannie said...

Kevin's cart is featured in this month's Sunset magazine, along with his recipe for his chickpea sandwich. (I work with Kevin's aunt, Jane Sandri.)
Ann Blystone