Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tony being Tony

Anthony Bourdain, entertaining as ever on his TravChan blogposts. His latest must-read post: all about his filming in Vietnam, his impending year long move to Vietnam, his obsessive love for all things Vietnam....oh, and Rachael Ray as a New York Dolls fan (WTF??!) and a hilarious heads up about the Sandra Lee FoodTV Kwanzaa cake, perhaps the ugliest dessert ever televised (vid below), as Bourdain called it "a piece of video every American should see as a cautionary exercise-like a particularly gruesome highway safety film". And that is yet another reason why I love Bourdain!


Anonymous said...

EEEECCCH! The horror... the horror. Leave it to a white woman to ruin Kwanzaa.

Elizabeth said...

I hate Sandra Lee. That video is horrible! Seriously! Why does she have a television show. I agree - cautionary video indeed!