Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quick Bites PDX: Ten-01's chef search is over

Posted on The Oregonian's website this morning is news that Ten-01's owner Adam Berger has settled on a choice to replace the departed Jack Yoss. San Francisco chef Benjamin Parks, late of the Italian restaurant Ducca, where he received three out of four stars from Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer, will be the new exec chef at Ten-01. Parks is yet another national name drawn to Portland by our blossoming organic farmer-driven food scene. In the chef version of the sports clichés "It is what it is", "I just want to win", and it's not about the money", Parks says his cooking is "all about showcasing the ingredients." Hey, he may not be Winston Churchill, but apparently he's a helluva cook. Berger chose Parks out of six finalists who cooked a sample dinner because "His food was perfect". We'll see.............

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