Sunday, March 15, 2009

Small but powerful

I admit to being somewhat of a gadget whore. Of course kitchen gadgets always get my attention. But when I saw this circular bit of audiophilia at the local Apple store, I knew it wouldn't be long before I had one of my own. I mean, first off the Altec Lansing Orbit mp3 speaker is pretty darn sweet looking. Plus the name...Orbit...cute, right? I was picturing throwing it into my suitcase for the hotel room. Or taking it out camping and backpacking, because otherwise what are you going to listen to? Nature? Please. Then I further rationalized my impending purchase by doing some due diligence through online reviews. Those who didn't give it raves just sounded like whiney bitches. I grabbed it through Amazon for $31 with free shipping. It's here, and just so ya know, you need one of these! The sound is amazing, rich and clear. For the money it's a steal. And if you need any rationalizations, I think I've got you covered above.

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