Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Bites PDX: Miwon BBQ

When hunger hit midday on another classic spring day here in Portland....driving rain, then sun breaks, then driving rain and hail, repeat as needed....I was seriously in need of some comfort food. I had read a blurb about Miwon BBQ in the Fubonn Plaza in the Willamette Week "Cheap Eats" guide. Talk of crispy skinned duck and bbq pork, bowls of steaming noodle broth, and all at a stupidly affordable know I'm in! So with a downpour chasing me through the door of Fubonn, I wandered the halls and made my way into the very brightly lit interior of Miwon BBQ. Taking a seat, given a menu and tea and immediately knew I had to have the Super Bowl "A". Okay, I was also tempted by the Triple BBQ Delicacies with steamed rice....I mean with that name how could you not be? But is was soup and noodles with generous amounts of protein that had my head. This was a really great bowl of soup. The duck was perfectly cooked, and most importantly maintained its crisp skins even sitting in the broth. And no, I don't know how they do that. There were numerous slices of bbq pork, and two ground pork dumplings with a satiny smooth wrappers that melted in your mouth. This was all on top of noodles with baby bok choy. For $8.50, there was more than I could work through. Most importantly, it makes me want to go back and try even more of their menu....soon! They have about twenty different noodle soups that run from $4-$6.50, and about the same number of Lo Mein dishes all priced at $6.75 (I'm already craving their crispy roast pork lo mein even without having it!). You can also buy whole or half roast ducks and various pork products by the pound. I am seriously smitten!!
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Stephanie said...

Ohmygod. That looks SO delicious. I'd love a bowl (of soup) right now.

bb said... was perfect. noodles for breakfast are awesome. there's a place here called ha & vl that opens at 9am and each day they do a different (incredibly good) noodle soup.

Heather said...

(pssst. Good Taste Noodle House on 82nd/Harrison is even cheaper!)

I'll hafta check out Miwon. I'm still mad that Tanh Dinh is gone though. :(

bb said...

Heather...i know about Good Taste. We have friends who swear by it. Next time for sure! Tan Dinh....wasn't that so good. Loved wrapping up all that goodness in the lettuce leaves!

dp said...

I'm heading out to Fubonn this weekend, so I'll have to check this out! Was Tan Dinh the Vietnamese place on the far left side of the center? The first time I went to Fubonn, I ate there, but when I went back not more than a couple of weeks later, it was a totally different restaurant. The old place was definitely better than the new.

bb said...

dp....Tan Dinh was on the far right as you faced Fubonn. I didn't even notice what was there now. Would love to know what you think of Miwon!