Saturday, March 28, 2009

Turnips...more f*cking turnips??!

I've never joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) program, where you get weekly shipments of produce from a local farm. I always knew I would wilt faster than a bunch of kale under the pressure of having to use all those vegetables. Apparently I'm not the only one. Slate contributor Catherine Price has an entertaining piece about her own CSA trauma over what to do with all the late-winter veggies....the turnips, kale, parsley...that were rotting away in the fridge. It helps when you can turn to Mark Bittman and Green's Restaurant founder Deborah Madison. For those of you who may be suffering your own collard calamties, this is worth reading just to hear her coin the term, in reference to America's new found sense of localized eating, how we are becoming "Michael Pollan-ated".


dp said...

I was part of a CSA for a year and liked it. If forced me to eat new vegetables I'd never tried before, like kohlrabi. Now kohlrabi is one of my favorites.

I try not to let the vegetables go to waste. I feel guilty letting any food go to waste- I'll even save a cup of mashed potatoes in my freezer. My husband thinks I'm crazy.

Anyhow, I was also faced with the problem of using the vegetables before the next box arrived. I just ending up making batches of Indian vegetable smash, which could be frozen and eaten at another time. Or a soup.

Cory said...

Enertaining post, as usual. Kohlrabi was my CSA downfall. (By the way, Deborah Madison's link needs to have final ] deleted for the link to resolve.)

Kate said...

Mine was bok choy. Yuck.