Thursday, January 15, 2009

When cooler heads prevail

So how does someone land a plane in an ice cold river without anyone getting seriously hurt....or killed? First take a pilot who must have the coolest head on the planet and combine it with a large dose of good fortune and throw in a physics lesson for good measure. This is an amazing story at the intersection of science and heroism from the New York Times on today's US Airways "crash" into the Hudson River.

picture from the NYT


abb said...

That pilot's story is really wonderful.

Found your blog through Garden State Cart. I work with Kevin's aunt, Jane. We both wish we could fly out to try it - it all sounds wonderful! Love Kevin's website - very cleverly done.

Have you had that chickpea sandwich? It sounds just divine!

bb said...

Garden State is totally worth the plane ticket, really!! The chickpea sandwich is awesome...perhaps the best vegetarian sandwich in town!