Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quick Bites PDX: 3 Things You Must Try!

First off, after another late Friday at our tasting at the wine shack, w and I popped into the Por Que No on upper Hawthorne, where usually the best-in-town and pork-a-licious carnitas tacos are what fulfills my immediate needs. But last night on their specials board they had butternut squash tacos. Hmm....okay, I guess I can give up my usual carnitas fix. So I ordered a couple to go with one carnitas taco, and oh, my freaking god they were incredible! I don't know if they are running these very often, but if they are, do not NOT try them. Absolutely crazy!! I could happily have these (at least temporarily) instead of carnitas. Vegetarians everywhere rejoice! Also, we usually have a side of what I think are the best chips and guac out there to start things off. Check it out.

Then at EVOE for lunch today, chef Kevin Gibson was throwing down his usual dazzling array of astoundingly good....not to mention beautiful to look at...plates of food. Two things we had are two things you have to have: his perfect croque madam which is ham, gruyere infused bechamel, and mustard grilled between two slices of rustic bread with a fried organic egg on top. Like breakfast for lunch and a killer sando. Also not to be missed is his coquilles ste. jacques nouvelle, which is raw scallops sliced thinly (sashimi style) and plated with grapefruit pieces all bathed in what I thought was a light grapefruit vinaigrette with a drizzle of olive oil.


dp said...

It's a good thing they opened up that Por Que No in SE because the one on Mississippi was pissing me off. The food is great but there's never any seating.

I can't imagine butternut squash could be better than carnitas. That just sounds like a flat out lie :-)

bb said...

dp- I know, I used to live by the Mississippi spot and hated the line. I really like the vibe at the SE it's conveniently located 3 blocks from our house.

And I didn't blaspheme and say it was "better" than the glory that is their carnitas, I just said a nice (and temporary) change of pace. I did have to have the one carnitas to maintain my equilibrium!