Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jack Yoss leaving ten-01 leaves Portland food scene remarkably unaffected

Just read this post by FoodDude that chef Jack Yoss is leaving Ten-01 this March. According to FD he's leaving for a "world tour" of eastern Europe and Asia. Must be some damn good piroshkis and chicken paprikash to be had. I would disagree with FD's conclusion that "this is a huge blow to the Portland restaurant scene". Granted he resurrected Ten-01 from the culinary dumpster it was residing in, but with so many talented chefs doing equally good and innovative cooking (Kevin at EVOE; Kurt at Alba Osteria; Benjamin at Nuestra Cocina; etc.) and also the fact that Ten-01 really wasn't that high profile (I don't know if any restaurant/chef in town is) to warrant that judgment. It is much more of a blow to the restaurant itself than to the PDX food scene in general.

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