Sunday, January 04, 2009

Is absinthe over?

According to this amusing article in this mornings Sunday NYT it is. Being compared to the band Interpol, laceless Converse sneakers, and a soul patch as author Eric Konigsberg did can never be good PR......
"If absinthe were a band, it would be Interpol, third-hand piffle masquerading as transgressive pop culture. If absinthe were sneakers, it would be a pair of laceless Chuck Taylors designed by John Varvatos for Converse. If it were facial hair, it would be the soul patch."


Anonymous said...

Absinthe might be played out in bigger cities, but there's still quite a few people here in PDX who are fascinating by the drip drip drip and sip sip sip of the green fairy.

Moreover, this town actually has distillers *making* the stuff, so the local allure is tied also into the craftsmanship of the product, as opposed to pure hype.

bb said...

Sauce- as if we needed to be reminded why this is one of the greatest drinking cities in the world, right?! I do agree with your comments on the process. There is something very anticipatory about it. Like something good is about to happen!