Friday, January 23, 2009

Maybe there IS a sucker born every minute....

I thought I had been enjoying my cocktails, but apparently I've been missing out on the "real" enjoyment. Either that or I'm not an idiot and find my ice works perfectly out of my freezer. But down in...where else?...L.A.,there is a company selling designer ice. Different cubes for different cocktails and cocktail shakers. I came across this bit of obviously au courant info via my sis who got it from her friend Luan via the L.A Times (click the previous link for the interview). My favorite part of the interview with the founder of Névé Ice, Michel Dozois, who knew the perfect place to start his company. My favorite quote from Mr. Dozois when asked how he makes his ice:
"We use a very state-of-the art process to make the ice. The process involves the combination of art, engineering and science. In order to protect this process, we must guard it as Coca-Cola guards their recipe."
What, like turning on the fucking tap, sticking it in the freezer and coming back the next day? You mean that secret process?? As I said, only in L.A.!

picture from L.A. Times

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