Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things I Find Delicious

We just got back from breakfast at Por Que No on Hawthorne. Go there....IMMEDIATELY....and order the Breakfast Torta on special today, which is the unholy marriage of the best carnitas in town and everything else you've ever wanted to have in a breakfast sando, all stuffed between a soft roll. Crazy....and a steal at $7 a pop! As an added benefit to those who overindulged last night: I'm not even hungover and I just know this may be the best hangover cure....ever!!


Heather said...

I always want to try the torta, but end up getting the sweet tequila chicken burrito. Might need to swing the other way, just once.

bb said...

It's worth the swing, I promise! I pretty much love everything about PQN, especially with the Hawthorne joint 3 blocks from my house.