Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Noble Rot rockets to East Burnside

What do you do when you're on the hook for a seven year lease at your now-closed restaurant, while at your other spot your landlord is trying to hit you up for a rent increase on your soon-to-expire lease? If you're Leather and Courtney Storrs, along with partner Kimberly Bernosky, you bail out on your original Noble Rot space on SE 28th and Ankeny and reopen at the defunct Rocket address with that killer fourth floor balcony (oh, plus full bar and brand new kitchen). As reported by Karen Brooks in our local fishwrap The Oregonian, that is exactly what's in store for Noble Rot, who along with Navarre pretty much started the wine bar craze that is still, somewhat inexplicably, rolling across Portland. According to Brooks, the move could happen as soon as early February.
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Also on The Oregonian website, posted yesterday, is an absolutely incandescent review of Bamboo Sushi by writer David Sarasohn, who called it "one of the most intriguing restaurants to open in Portland in a while" and heaping a knockout "A-" rating on top. I went to their press dinner before they opened and thought it was good, but wasn't overwhelmed. Hopefully they've amped it up and I'll look forward to hitting it again soon. Plus they claim to be "the first independent restaurant certified by the Marine Stewardship Council" which means you can eat well without any lingering sushi guilt.

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