Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Take your medicine!!

It was about six years ago that I walked up to the bar at Castagna Café here in Portland, feeling much like I have these past few days with a cold waging battle inside my head, and I asked their bartender at that time, Suzanne, what she had in her arsenal that might make me feel a little less like the walking wounded. She just turned away and started grabbing bottles, squeezing fruit, stirring while I sat pathetically sniffling and sneezing. She soon came back to me and set a steaming mug of something that smelled sweet and citrusy, with a soul warming bourbon-ish scent swirling out of its mist. I asked what she had prescribed, and she said "It's a Medicinal. Drink up!" Never one to refuse sound medical advice, I took a sip, then another, and another...and instantly felt the fog lifting, strength returning, and the battlefield in my head clearing. Ever since, any time I've had a cold that just won't listen to reason (lots of water, rest, being healthy and such boring lifestyle choices) I make a Medicinal (also known as a hot toddy in some non-medical circles). I had the delicious elixir pictured above last night, and today all seems well in my world. Though I may have another "dose" tonight just to be sure I take the full course of treatment!
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The Medicinal

makes 1 serving
1 tablespoon honey
2 ounces bourbon or rye whiskey
Juice of half lemon
Boiling water
1 lemon wedge pierced with five whole cloves (use a knife or skewer to pierce the lemon peel)

Drizzle honey into a mug or tempered glass, add bourbon, lemon juice, then hot water. Stir to dissolve honey. Squeeze lemon wedge into glass. Breath in the healing vapors, sip, and be well.


TSannie said...

Now this brings back memories! First time I had a horrible cold after I was married, my hubs brought me his magic elixer: Hot freshly made black tea with a spoonful of honey and a very healthy shot of cognac. (Meyer's rum will do quite nicely as well, I've found over the years.)

Nadya said...

A friend taught me to make these, but with Irish whiskey. She just calls them a "hot whiskey" and learned to make them when she lived in Dublin.
I agree, sometimes works when nothing else will.

bb said...

TSannie...ah, now that is a caring husband! Something about that hot drink always works.

nadya....I know it's not exactly a one-off drink. I think everyone has their "brown liquor" remedy. Or they should!

dds said...

Sorry to hear about your cruds, but happy to see your resourcefulness...and love of a good alive and well.

You can't keep a good man down!

bb said...

dds....I believe it is important to attack life's difficulties with a positive attitude and a glassful of booze!

Lisa said...

I grew up in Kentucky and my brother used to prescribe the same, heavy on the bourbon, light on the honey and citrus. It cuts through the fog like no other!

bb said...

lisa...I think the theme running through the comments is "it's all about the booze"! can't argue with that, huh?!?

Anonymous said...

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