Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Men of Cheese!

Forget those multicolor spandex uniforms and the preponderance of capes. A long white apron, a white shirt, or an armful of goat is all these real superheroes need. Swiss artists Fabian Scheffold and István Vizner have wandered Switzerland's landscape capturing these compelling images of artisan cheesemakers. The artists describe their work this way:
"I met unorthodox lateral thinkers, visionary fellows, modest canny and successful people living and working in some of the most spectacular landscapes of Switzerland. Some sell their products abroad, inventing a new cheese every other month, some work exactly as they have learned from their fathers, now sometimes just selling to hikers visiting their remote location by chance."
thanks to my friend and artist Amy Ruppel for sending me the link to the pics!

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