Thursday, October 29, 2009

Local Flavor

See some of Portland's premier chefs strutting their stuff like a pack of food driven fashionistas on the web pages of Men's Journal, where besides looking like a bunch of dangerously dapper dishers, the likes of Patrick Miller (50 Plates), Gabe Rucker (Le Pigeon), Andy Ricker (Pok Pok & Ping), who are profiled along with Jesse Skiles (chef at Owen Roe winery) and Scott Dolich (Park Kitchen), share some recipes for kitchen success. I like Dolich's time tested advice about what it takes to be a good cook best: “Get five recipes, literally five recipes, and ride ’em like a pony. Do little riffs on them. Those five recipes can get you through a whole year. There’s a mystique that chefs are always working on the next great thing. The reality is, what I’m doing now isn’t much different from what I was doing 20 years ago, except now I’ve got a bigger bag of tricks.”
Click here to see some serious local flavor!
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Word running through the hardening arteries of many a Portland eater is the news that the kings of cholesterol at Pine State Biscuits are opening a second outpost on NE 22nd and Alberta Street. Grab your Lipitor and get in line! Thanks to @pdxplate for the twitter tip.


Anonymous said...

That explains why Scott Dolich of Park Kithchen's dishes always taste old and uninspired. He strikes me as someone who gets lots of excellent press and then lets everything go living on a reputation of years past. He no longer appears to have much of a hands on approach. The rest of Men's Journal article is great and gives Portland its due.

bb said... to drop the opinionated hammer! THAT is what I love to read in the "comments"! Thanks for putting it out there. I'd love to hear from anyone else who's been there.....