Friday, October 02, 2009

38 restaurants in 3 days? No problem!

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Just when I thought I had everything laid out for tomorrow's long weekend in New York City for w's b-day, this happens. I thought I had made most of the hard decisions, the "where to eat in 3 days in the city" decisions, which was no easy task for this A.D.D. food fetishist: hard to get rezzies at Eleven Madison Park (the last Bruni 4-star review in the, I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!!), plans to meet friends at the Spotted Pig for lunch, xiao long bao at Yeah Shang Hai Deluxe in Chinatown among others. Then this morning I click on the blogsite, and they threw the grenade into the room where the plans were all laid out with their list of what they think are the 38 places not to miss in NYC. Fuck!! I have THREE DAYS and they drop about three months worth of temptation on me. Now I'm hearing the siren call from places like Gennaro and Locanda Verde. How can I not go to Grammercy Tavern?? Must...not....listen........must..............refocus........
Okay, I think I'll be alright now. While it will still torment me, it might just help you plan your next trip to NYC. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

#31 is not to be missed!

dietrich said...

Spotted Pig is not to be missed, but you can hit it *late*, after eating everywhere else ;)

Last month I had lunch at Ippudo, pretty amazing ramen (and I'm a ramen fanatic).

Ate at Momofuku that trip too, was brilliant. The bao, order >1 for sure. We also had "cereal milk ice cream". For fucking real. So good.