Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quick Bites PDX: noodles at Jade Teahouse and other news.

Food for hard times? How's that bowl of goodness from Portland's Jade Teahouse look? I know, incredible! If you're trying to stretch your dining out dollars and not eating bowl after bowl of noodles from your local Asian joint, you are missing out. The bowl in the pic, a coconut curry with shrimp, shredded chicken, and veggie condiment over perfectly cooked rice noodles was just $8 for a portion big enough for two. More options in PDX? Check out Ha & Vl or Miwon BBQ or Good Taste Noodle House or..............
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This morning in the online version of our local fishwrap, Karen brooks gave DOC up off NE Killingsworth what I think is a very generous "B" rating. Her comment that "consistency is missing, and all the more noticeable for a bill that easily reaches $40 or more a person." From personal experience, the "...or more" part is more often true. Most people I talk to seem to agree, which is unfortunate because it really is a nice space.
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Been hearing great things about new Tabla executive chef Anthony Cafiero since he's taken over the kitchen. I'll be checking it out next week and report back. Their 3 course for $25 dinner is still one of the best budget stretchers in town.
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Anticipation builds for the hoped for early May opening of David Machado's new project Nel Centro in the Hotel Modera. Machado, whose Lauro Kitchen and Vindalho continue to impress...well, actually I like Vindalho much more than Lauro, has a great track record and no lack of confidence, as evidenced by this statement from the Nel Centro blog: "Dining in downtown Portland, Oregon will never be the same." Time will tell, but another good dining option downtown is much hoped for.
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Looking forward to my first dinner at Simpatica this weekend. Can't believe I haven't been there yet. Any of you eaten there recently? Ever? Comments?
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jeff.wertz said...

I went there last year with a big group from work and was really impressed. Nice space. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Delicious food, and reasonably priced wines.

Nico said...

I've only gone for brunch, but loved it! Nice warm space & very very nice staff that makes you feel right at home! Fried bison steak was a big hit, as were all other items.

richard said...

Thanks for your mention of David Machado's new project, Nel Centro. I am working with David on the blog and the coming website (I'm the writer) and we appreciate your inclusion of this news. Very much appreciated, thank you.
best regards,
Richard Pelletier

bb said...

hi j ....I remember when you went and thought it was really nice. Like I said I still can't believe it's taken us this long to make it!

nico...I've heard great things about the pork-centric brunch. also VERY high on my list! pleasure. I think a lot of us are very excited for its opening. there's pretty good buzz building. i was at a dinner with lindsey mccbride and she was telling me all about it and sent me the press release.

richard said...

Ooops...forgot to mention. Nel Centro is scheduled to open in early May, not April.