Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Sunday

The heroes of our story having conquered the summit of Ghost Ridge!
Sure, we could've gone to any number of Super Bowl parties today to watch an overlong game, see a very weird halftime show with Bruce Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt doing their imitation of a tired vaudeville act (we got back in time for that, unfortunately). Instead, we opted for some outdoor activity in the form of an ass-kicking (especially on the way up) snowshoe trek to Ghost Ridge up by Mt. Hood. This is a trail that is only open in winter for snowshoeing and cross country skiing and offers up incredible views of the Cascades from Hood south to Mts. Jefferson and the Three Sisters. It starts at 4100 feet, ends up at 4900 feet, which didn't sound like much going in, but by the time I made the summit I knew I had earned whatever indulgence I chose to reward myself with back at home (like the glass of Drappier Champagne I'm having right now!). About 90 minutes from portland, this totally rewards the effort expended!


dp said...

It looks really beautiful up there! Good for you for getting out. I would prefer that; I don't even care about football.

The Bruce Springsteen Half-time Show...I sort of paid attention to the game, but had to leave the room for that. Some things are better left unknown.

bb said...

I wanted to be sure we got back for the halftime show. So I turn on the TV. 10th Aveue freezeout and Born to Run. Classics. A cut off the new album. Of course. But GLORY DAYS...with changed lyrics? very not fresh. You're right, some things ARE better left unknown!