Friday, February 27, 2009


Just typing that headline makes me salivate. Sadly, I don't see any in my future. Especially since I'll be spending this weekend in Juneau, Alaska. Why, you may ask, would anyone want to go to February?? It has everything to do with love, friendship, and the chance to get a glance at that hot soccer mom/governor. Wait.....scratch that last reason. And it definitely has nothing to do with cassoulet. Could you imagine cassoulet in Alaska: Is that a confit duck leg in my dish or a moose hoof? Since when does cassoulet come with blubber? And what that last bit has to do the reason for this post is nothing, but my mind tends to wander.

The real reason for this post is this column I read at by
"Everyone at that table remained upright; clearly, I had work to do.

By the way DDS, that so reminds me of something you would write! So while I'm up in Alaska this weekend freezing my butt off, drinking with the locals at the Pyramid, and trying not to get my ass kicked for making one too many igloo jokes, I'll be thinking about cassoulet. And salivating.


Taylor said...

Try the black cod at Zen.

bb said...

Thanks Taylor....I appreciate the heads up! And I bet they wouldn't kick my ass there either. The menu looks nice!

dp said...

Not getting enough of the cold weather, huh?

Have a safe trip!

That cassoulet article was a hoot.

bb said...

I know...pretty smart, huh? Mmmm....more snow! Speaking of needing cassoulet.....

Thanks....I have promised w I am on my best behavior!

Dazy said...

My son is a huge fan of rabbit cassoulet, but does not like pork. I add carved up bits of a roast rabbit to it. Still tastes great, just not as rich or velvety.