Monday, February 02, 2009

Grocery shopping, Hong Kong style!

(This is a video I took...with my point and shoot Fujifilm camera no less...during our trip to Hong Kong last November. I'll cop to the amateur was my first time shooting video with it. Its delay in being posted has everything to do with my own technical deficiencies. But it give s a sense of what you'll see. As they say, better late than never!)

On the border of the Wan Chai and Causeway Bay neighborhoods in Hong Kong, here's a quick piece of HK street life. The Bowrington Road food markets just down the road from our hotel (the jj Hotel, a great place for the money in what we think is a perfect location in the Wan Chai neighborhood) is a place teeming with activity, complete with flopping fish, hacked apart meat (as you like it), and throngs of people...customers haggling, merchants hawking their wares...and an immediacy that hits your senses like a wet mackerel. That cute sleeping baby? I don't think it was purchased there, but I wouldn't be totally surprised if it was! I am impressed that the baby could sleep through the din. The smells, the colors, the beautiful produce. Take any food market you go to in America, tear the walls off, insert a few thousand people, and you still won't come close. Incredible!

I loved the energy and vibrancy of the streets in HK, even with the pollution, jammed sidewalks, and exhaust spewing buses. Even through the heat and humidity, there's a palpable energy pulsing that keeps the whole city moving. And most importantly the street food here is amazing!
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k said...

that's a great vid! thanks...

kab said...

Gives a terrific feeling for what these markets are like. Great job!

bb said...

Thanks you has all that texture and more. Crazy place, but so cool!