Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick Bites PDX: Apps at Castagna Café

I've been meaning to get this up since last Sunday, but, um...forgot. So hopefully when you go by Castagna Café they'll still be on the menu. But if not, you know whatever is there will more than satisfy you, so no huge loss. But just in case, these two are firmly in the don't-miss-this appetizer category. Just the thing to warm up your palate for the greatest burger in America (certainly better than Five Guys in the last post, ya know?).
Foie Gras (swoon) Toasts with Sauterne Gelée. This is how it's done, class!
Trés Tapas: mini-salt cod croquettes; shrimp with aioli; and sardines with fresh salsa.
Three amazing, distinct, yet complimentary flavors. Awesome!


dds said...

Are they open for breakfast? Sardines and croquettes...mmmmm.

And Sauterne gelee sounds perfect with foie gras. I'm sick of too-sweet accompaniments. It's not a RULE that it has to be overwhelmed by, er, I mean served with, prepared fruit....

bb said...

What? You think you're still in France?? If only it were true. The sauterne gelée was perfect...not too sweet, perfectly complimentary.