Saturday, December 06, 2008

Quick Bites PDX: Udon Noodle Soup at Jade Teahouse

You may or may not have read my post about one of my new favorite spots in town, Jade Teahouse and Patisserie in the Sellwood neighborhood across from the wine shack. The latest bit of deliciousness from Lucy's kitchen of southeast Asian delights that's got hold of my head is their udon noodle soup with shrimp and chicken ($7.50 for a very large portion). A perfectly rich broth with hints of lime and cilantro and udon noodles with the perfect chew. And yes, it looks better in the bowl than in the quart to-go container in the picture. But I'm at work, I'm hungry, and this is a most convenient delivery vehicle right now. Remember what your mom's said: It's cold, you need to eat your soup!!
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