Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow(shoe) Day!

Just because we can't drive because of all the crazy snow we're getting doesn't mean we aren't getting fed. Besides, what better way to rationalize indulgence at EVOE than working it off before and after with a snowshoe stroll through the winter wonderland that Portland has become. Sitting inside the cozy space at the big table letting Kevin stuff us yet again while watching snow falling outside on the street was about as good as it gets! Here's how the reward system works for w and I..........
Perfectly seared scallops on top of sliced fennel that's been tossed with olive oil, a little lemon juice, and sea salt, with pomegranate seeds scattered about like little Christmas ornaments.
An amazingly ample portion of fabulously succulent Big Table Farm pork loin on top of locally sourced garbanzos and kale. This was insanely good!


Lisa said...

This does look insanely good, both the pork and the scallops. They are quite festive and inspiring for both Christmas and Valentine's Day.

bb said...

lisa....they were so satisfying! And those pomegranate seeds were a perfect touch. His stuff is so fantastic, and he cooks it about three feet in front of you....awesome!!