Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer food fun (aka getting in the pink!)

In case you were wondering, I care. Even though we don't talk regularly....for that matter we may not even know each other...I feel you. In fact, I sometimes know your needs before you even realize you have them. Case in point is my continuing quest to keep you informed of all that is delicious. Particularly that grand summer tradition that is about to begin with the start of Castagna Restaurant's annual series of of dinners that they call Rosé Wednesdays. Every other week starting July 18th they will offer a three course dinner of chef Kevin Gibson's awesome culinary creations, each representing a different region of France and matched with some fabulous rosé wines from the same areas, all for a mere $45! I hit a couple of these dinners last year, and I loved the casual, family style service that they put in place for these special nights, and though they were an excellent value. They have one seating at 6:30, so the relaxed pace is really conducive to getting into the food groove. I stick by my belief that even with the slew of new restaurant openings here, Castagna is the finest restaurant in Portland, and this is an eminently affordable way to have some of the best food you'll eat this year! Oh, and bon appétit.......
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Rosé Wednesdays @ Castagna
Family style regional dinners

July 18th • Loire Valley
Cider cured pork loin cooked in hay

August 1st • Provençe
Grand Aioli

August 15th • Bandol

August 29th • Cassis
Roast Bronzini

Dinner will include 3 courses & 2 glasses of rosé
$45. (not including gratuity)
One seating at 6:30pm
Call for reservations • 503 231.7373


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i'm having a rose right now!
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bb said...

glad your drinking well in fla. i'm thinking in steamy florida a glass or several is the best heatbeater.

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