Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bring 'em on!

The wait is over! After many long months without, these little golden globes...Sungold tomatoes to be exact....are the first few tomatoes from our garden, and from the looks of my plants, a flood of these and other out-of-this-world orbs in various sizes and varieties will soon be washing across a fleet of dinner plates here on SE 50th in the weeks to come...and I can't wait! I'll keep you informed on any delicious developments! Any suggestions? Let me know.


kab said...

Our favorite is the heirloom tomato salad...just chopped and mixed with some basil, salt and pepper with maybe a splash of olive oil. Even better with a mix of colors and sizes (zebras, purple cherokees, cherries, brandywines). Essence of summer!

kw said...

I just pick my Sungolds- and basil still warm from the sun- toss in some small balls of Mozzarella cheese with some squeezed lime and a couple of drops of olive oil and call it good....yum.