Saturday, July 21, 2007

iLove Macs!

For all you Mac geeks who fall in lust with every announcement from Steve Jobs' piehole that a new Apple product is on the horizon, then you'd best be getting your eyes on this very cool chart that shows the evolution of all things Mac (thanks to fellow blogger Matt Bites for tipping me off). I think I started with the Mac plus and it's tiny (maybe) 8" screen. I was feeling pretty techno just having that cutting edge piece of technology on my desk. Of course the one I bought was by then about three or four years old and already a dinosaur, but what did I know. And while I haven't gone all iPhone...yet...and would like to think I'm above technolust, I have to admit to getting my minor geek on checking this out.

And all you PC know you should've bought one of these a loooong time ago. But hey, it's never too late to see the light.......

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