Friday, November 07, 2008

Sellwood snacking satisfaction!

That which you see above is the latest path to happiness and personal contentment as provided by my local guide here in PDX to all things cart-ish and delicious, Kevin Sandri and his soul enriching silver temple of food worship, a.k.a. the Garden State food cart at SE 13th Av. and SE Lexington in the Sellwood neighborhood. I just tried his brand new way to suck money out of my helpless wallet, which is as always being mugged by my endlessly hungry stomach, a tender, savory, and all to delicious sliced pork shoulder sandwich. Mmmmm...pork shoulder & slow cooking...four simple words that are never a bad idea. He's still experimenting with the makeup of the sando. Today he hit me with one that was simply the tender shoulder sliced and put on a toasted ciabatta with some pan juices drizzled on it and it was fabulous. As always with Kevin and his continuing need to explore the limits of what can come out of the window of his cart, get this one while you can because who knows how long it'll be around.
***** ***** *****
And major props to Sellwood restaurant A Cena for their rave review in today's Oregonian newspaper. I embarrassingly haven't been (after all it is a whole two blocks away from the wine shack...geez), but will correct that oversight immediately. My little slice of SE Portland just keeps getting better and better!
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