Sunday, November 02, 2008

Eating Hong Kong: knockout noodles and perfect pork!

If there's one thing...okay two things..they know in Hong Kong it's noodles and pork. Little hole in the wall stands are everywhere. These two places were both amazing. So good and ridiculously cheap. For noodles the other day we stopped at Tsim Chai Kee in Central (after reading about it in my go-to travel guide, the Time Out series published in London. I've found no matter where I am their restaurant recommendations are almost always spot on). I knew we were probably on to a good thing when the line was down the street and around the corner. Most auspicious! Luckily the line moved pretty rapidly, because here you place your order with a woman while you're still in line. They sit you down at a table you'll most likely be sharing with others (interior shot of the happy crowd at right), you slurp down the noodles while giving your dining partner the "wow, these are pretty freaking good" look, and then get your ass out so the others waiting can get their turn. And they are worth waiting for. According to w they were exactly as they should be. I had the bowl with fish balls, sliced beef and shrimp dumplings (deliciously pictured at top). The noodles had the perfect texture, the broth was rich, and oh, by the way, it ran abut $3 U.S. a bowl! Plus I've gotta respect how they turn and burn the tables!!

The pork-a-licious place we ended up as the result of a happy twist of fate. We originally were going to another place listed in the Time Out guide that was situated in the basement of the Novitel hotel in Wan Chai. We walked down and looked at the menu and were fairly uninspired, especially at the prices. Not that they were that high, but this whole trip we have been spoiled by being able to eat for so little that if it seems even a little expensive we're all in that "well, we can do better" mode. Plus, on the way crossing the street to the Novitel, I spied this place with all sorts of tempting meat hanging in the window. I subtly suggested we check it out and w being the good sport she is was all for it. So that's how we ended up at the kookily named Hay Hay Roasted Meat Restaurant. Any place with a picture of a well roasted pig with his crackly skin peeling off has already got my attention. And at Hay Hay the pig (right) was the deal. Perfectly bronzed, and yes with very crackly skin (Monique you would have loved it!), hiding incredibly tender meat layered with juicy fat. Awesome stuff! The sides of squid, noodles, and greens were also not to be forgotten, and all of this (with refreshingly cold beers) only took about $20 out of our wallets. This, my friends, is a great country!!
The providers of great pleasure working behind those tantalizing pieces of hanging meat at Hay Hay

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