Friday, November 21, 2008

What are you drinking this holiday?

A little props to me for my latest article at regarding procuring the perfect holiday wine to keep your sanity intact and your family sedated. Click here for my intoxicating advice!

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kab said...

Nice article, great tone...they definitely need more content like this!

Sarah said...

Great article! Because we just received our west coast shipments of wine (living in South Florida means that everyone has to wait out the heat of the fall for their shipments to arrive, even if you ordered in May), we decided to have some of the Oregon Pinot we've been waiting for so patiently. We plan to start with a 2007 Scott Paul Martha Pirrie and a 2005 Kuentz-Bas Pinot Gris, then see where the evening takes us after that.

bb said...

kab- thanks. And I think tey need more of me, too!

sarah- pinot is fabulous with t-day. Isn't it exciting to open all those boxes of wine when hey arrive?! I'm in the midst of shipping wine out of the store right now to east coast customers.
Enjoy..and have a great Thanksgiving!!