Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Take a Punch

Having people over and want to break away from the same old-same old? Not that I would ever turn down a perfectly made negroni or martini, or look askance at a fizzy glass of Champagne, but after reading this article in today's Washington Post, it may be time to get (slightly!) punch drunk at my next soirée. Turns out that punch, that drink that has made us all cringe (at most weddings), or throw up (at most college parties), is making a comeback. Writer David Wondrich in his new cocktail compendium "Imbibe" devotes an entire chapter to the history of what was once the most accepted of libations, although he does bemoan the fact that "bears the same relation to the anemic concoctions that pass under its name today that gladiatorial combat does to a sorority pillow fight", plus the fact that "There's basically the fraternity kind of punch and the food magazine kind of punch, and they both suck." Check out Post writer Jason Wilson's thirst inducing article, and get ready to get punch up your next party!

photo from Washington Post

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