Friday, December 07, 2007

Starting Small

I was turned on to this video by my sister Kathleen, a local food writer and designer, who linked to it through her blog (yes, we are the self-indulgent family!). Shot by the folks at Cooking Up A Story, it tells the (short) story of Michael and Jill Paine and their Gaining Ground Farm here in Oregon. I had met Michael and Jill here at the wine shack when they came in with Kevin Sandri, who's Garden State food cart has been a welcome addition to my neighborhood. Kevin buys much of his produce and chickens from Gaining Ground. It's a short, yet very interesting video about the challenges facing many small farmers, who are trying to do the right organic, sustainable.... in a mass market agricultural world. Michael is one of the nicest people you could hope to meet, and hopefully his and Jill's success will inspire many more to take the precarious plunge. Good luck, guys!!

More Family Love: Congrats to my über-talented sis Kathleen for her new gig as Edible Notes writer for the local food mag Edible Portland. Click the Edible Notes link, check her out, and and become a better informed comestible consumer

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