Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Holiday Glow: the Stinger

Continuing my exploration of all things holiday and thirst quenching, I made a Stinger last night based on the recipe in yesterday's post. It looked a lot like this....
And tasted a lot like this: Fairly sweet, with a strong minty bite, the cognac flavor wasn't near as apparent as I might have expected. The mint and the slight hint of lemon, along with the amount of ice that melted while it was in the shaker brought everything in balance. I could see this as a nice after dinner drink, or maybe one to have sitting in front of the fire. I have to say after one I was feeling that nice beginning glow. I think it is one of those sneaky-strong drinks that you have to be careful with, because as it is described in the post below it is "a short drink with a long reach"! Happy holiday's, anyone?!

Stinger recipe in previous post

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