Sunday, December 09, 2007

Story Telling

After posting the story about Michael and Jill Paine and their Gaining Ground Farm in the
last post, I received an email from Rebecca Gerendasy of Cooking Up a Story, the people who produced that remarkable piece. Cooking Up a Story is a fascinating homegrown video project between Rebecca and Fred Gerendasy. If you watched their video of Gaining Ground Farms (and if you haven't, then what are you waiting for??!), you know they are looking to tell the bigger story of how our food gets to our tables in a challenging short video format. And they do it spectatcularly. The "movies" I've watched are all riveting and very interesting, looking at the people behind the story as much as telling the story itself. As Fred says: "We are the PBS of the internet for short-form content, in terms of quality and style." Go their website and check out not only the story of Gaining Ground but also their other archived videos. Fascinating...and important...stories. Nice job, Rebecca & Fred....keep 'em coming!

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