Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy feet!

Because I care about you and your comfort, may I humbly suggest that all of you immediately go online at and order yourselves some of these Keen "Newport" shoes. I got mine last weekend during their Labor Day sale...$69.99 versus $90...and I have been living in them. I've been wearing them to work every day at the wine shack, walking the dog in them, sleeping in them...okay, maybe not that, but you get my drift. I'm about to order another pair as backup. Crazy comfortable! You and your feet will be thanking me, I guarantee it!

1 comment:

kab said...

Ha! Told ya so! Glad you've come over to the "ugly is beautiful" side of the street. You'll be so much more comfortable! And, btw, their women's slip-ons (thanks, Loo!) are actually kinda cute. And just as comfy for all the activities you mentioned.