Saturday, April 21, 2007

PDX is no place to try and wake up

The new overseas travelers credo: "The journey of several thousand miles begins with a fitful sleep, a 4:15am wakeup, a last minutes scramble to stuff the bags, rocking out with our taxi driver who's apparently a big Queen fan , and a rewardng hour long wait at the gate to board." Did I cover everything? But with visions of grilled wild boar, earthy Barolos and Barbarescos, and delicate tajarin pasta as our reward at the end of leg one in Italy's Piedmont, the journey is well worth it. Bon voyage.......

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David Oliver Relin said...

Mssr. Bauer,

I've been drooling in anticipation and all you give me to look at is your unsavory bags. Make with the fromage, cornichons and organ meats already. It's bad enough to be jealous. It's worse still to stay so

Mr. Relin