Monday, April 09, 2007

Being a good boy scout

2:38- Be prepared.....nothing to it, especially with Lou Reed blasting Heroin to keep the mood upbeat. Well, if you know that song maybe upbeat is the wrong word, but you get where I'm going. As I said previously, when cooking music is almost as important as the food.
Tartlets down, looking rather delicious if I do say so, cake done & waiting to be frosted, start paella prep next, then set table, then make salad dressing, and start the paella....I think this might just happen in time. If there is one thing I've learned in my dinner party giving life, it is have a plan that has been thought through is key to not freaking out. Followed by prep before yu start each dish. You don't want to be making a carrot cake and start looking around for the fucking grated carrots only to discover you still need to grate the little bastards. Have 'em ready, along with everything else. It's that old French chef's term mise en place, which roughly translates to having your shit together and ready before you start. We all want to be a good scout in the kitchen, right?

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