Monday, April 09, 2007

If I knew you were coming.....

At Sur La Table, I'm all about options!
Exploring the frontiers of science in the kitchens at 1309! Oh, did I mention I never did very well at science in college...hmmm. We can only hope for the best as the cakes are ovenning as we speak. I'll know in about 15 minutes. That's why cooking is so much easier than baking, especially for us amateur kitchen adventurers. I don't mind a little margin of error
At 8:30 it seemed I had all the time in the world...dinner was HOURS away. As always, my little shopping trip took about twice the time and involved visits to about four more stores than I planned. Sur La Table came through with the cake pans...and I couldn't resist the cool, green Mario Batali spat to add to the arsenal.
Got some beautiful mussels, shrimp, and scallops at Newman's. Scallops added to the menu for our non-red meat eating friend.
Okay, so back at up the leek tartlets, then paella prep. If you've ever been in a restaurant kitchen during preservice prep time, you always hear the guys rocking out to some LOUD music. It works just as well at home! Much to Chopper's consternation, the iTunes shuffle play is rocking the house. We don't seem to share the same appreciation for Van Halen's You Really Got Me. Sorry Chops....


kab said...

Y'know, this isn't half as much fun when it isn't us coming over for dinner. On the other hand, the menu sounds great...I'm drooling on my keyboaasdlkfjssadfmsd;.sdfm

David Oliver Relin said...


Just those words leek, goat cheese, and tart, are
guaranteed to make our non-red-meat-eating
dinner partner scream. Not kidding. I'm not going to tell her and we'll see what happens.


bb said...

I just want everyone to be happy DOR, especially the lovely Mrs. relin!

And to my lovely sister, just wait 'til what I'm making you gys next'll be well worth the wait, I promise. think meaty, beaty, big, and bouncy!